On this page you will see some of the options available for kilt socksThey are available in several shades and different combinations of patterns.  These patterns are listed below.









The example shown is garter rib with a thistle border at the top.

 They are also available in 4 x 4 rib with a thistle top, a stags head top or a cabled top.

A combination of any of the above is available with a garter rib or a 4 x 4 rib, it is just a matter of preference.

 Colour ranges from natural as shown or you can opt to have green, black, blue, brown.



 As well as adult Kilt socks we have available kilt socks for children which are done in an aran weight yarn and come in various colours.

They also make good liners for childrens wellington boots which some parents are buying specifially to line their child's boots.